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Why It's Important to Hire Professionals

Local mom on Facebook group:

"I am looking for a newborn photographer who takes good pictures, but isn't more than $100."

I ran across this post on a local mom group that I am in and I couldn't help but wonder how many people don't realize the importance of hiring a professional, especially when it comes to photographing those precious, fragile, brand new babies. That newborn stage is such a crucial and delicate time for not only the baby but the rest of the family as well. Mom is still healing from birth, dad is still adjusting to not getting much sleep, and the older siblings are learning how to accept the divided attention. It can be so overwhelming. One thing that shouldn't be, is your newborn session. With the proper training and guidance, professional newborn photographers are trained to be able to safely and calmly care for your newborns while capturing those delicate memories. Not only is it important to hire a professional photographer for newborn sessions, but also for ALL your photo memories. Here are a few reasons why: 1. SAFETY: I can't stress this enough. Knowing how to safely and effective handle and pose children should be the very first thing that ANY photographer should learn. Anyone can grab a camera and take pictures of a newborn, however it take a lot of training, practice, and patience to know how to get those adorable and sweet poses of those little ones. In the days of Facebook & Instagram, they make it look so easy! However anything worth doing isn't easy. When choosing a photographer, the first thing you should ask is what is their experience and training with posing! Surprisingly, I have never been asked this. However, I be sure to inform my clients of my experience and ways that I will promise to keep their little ones safe.

2. All the props: Being a professional, we tend to hoard LOTS and LOTS of props. From the wraps, hats, outfits, backgrounds, and blankets. My goal as a professional newborn photographer is to capture those sweet little babies in a precious and timeless organic way & you wouldn't believe how much stuff it takes to do that! Having all the props possible, this gives my clients a sense of relief to not have to worry about bringing anything to their session. Having a baby is stressful enough, stressing about what to bring to your babies newborn session is the last thing you should have to worry about! 3. Post Processing: 50% of the newborn magic is done after all the props are picked up and camera is put down. Once those images are backed up and uploaded for editing, that's where all the REAL magic happens. Editing a single images can take SEVERAL minutes just to create one perfect picture. Everyone knows that newborns are just perfect, however sometimes when they come into the studio, they are experience jaundice or their skin is breaking out or dry. All of that is taken care of through editing to create those flawless and beautiful skin tones and images that you will love to be able to hang in your home.

4. Experience: When I say experience, I don't just mean that we as professionals have experience, yes this is true, however I mean YOUR experience, as a client. When you reach out to a photographer, from that moment, you are building a client-photographer relationship. Most of the time, those relationships grow into friendships and sometimes even become people you could never be able to live life without! As a photographer, I want to give my clients such an amazing experience that they feel like they are my one and only clients. They are my priorities (aside from my family of course). Your experience with a newborn photographer should be a truly amazing and stress free experience.

5. Price: I know we have all heard this before "You get what you pay for!" This is very true in the photography

world. As a professional, I understand the true reasoning behind my pricing. Everything is taken into consideration; price of product, price of packaging, time to edit, time to shoot, insurance, equipment, training, etc.. Have been a professional for quiet some time, I understand that in order to be able to give my clients my very best work, I must also invest in my work. Having clients who value and appreciate that, help me achieve greatness in my work. Yes, photography is an investment, but investing in your family memories is priceless.

I can't wait to capture all your family memories and be able to meet those sweet new little bundles!

For all booking inquires please email us at Info@cheymooneyphotography.com

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