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Ocean Springs, Mississippi | Newborn Photography | Oliver's Newborn Session

Little Oliver! First can we talk about his name? I fell in love with his name. So unique but classic. I just adored it!

Oliver session was actually suppose to take place in the hospital for a fresh 48 session. HOWEVER, the world had other plans for us. With the hospital restrictions still in place because of Covid-19, we made the best of it and his family traveled and hour and half to our Ocean Springs studio!

His sweet mommy was so worried that he wouldn't sleep! But luckily, this little boy didn't miss his naps! Lol She followed the prep-guide that was sent to her and he fell right into a deep sleep. Mind you, he did become a little irritated that I kept waking him up, but quickly went back into snooze-ville. He even gave me a sweet BIG smile!

Not every baby handles poses the same and that's something I've been trained to understand! Some really don't mind being moved around, while others would rather me just leave them alone! Either way, we always ensure that we will capture every baby in their own way! After all, every baby is different and perfect!

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