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Ocean Springs, Mississippi newborn photographer | How to take your own Fresh 48 hospital photos

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

One of the HARDEST things we've had to adjust to during this pandemic is not being able to make our way into the hospitals for fresh 48 sessions during this time, due to their restrictions. While we completely understand the safety measures behind it, it's still very hard to be restricted from something you are so passionate for.

Those tiny little brand new feet, their first baths, watching the families just fall in love with their new baby, WE MISS IT SO MUCH!

As much as we miss it, we know and understand how upsetting this time is for those who are going into the hospital with limited support, a ton of health measures to follow, and now they can't even have their photographers come in to capture this once in a lifetime milestone!

We have put together some tips from us pros that you can use to take pictures of your baby in the hospital; just because Covid-19 took over doesn't mean you can't have beautiful pictures of your baby.

  1. Find the lighting: Open the windows fully and turn off all overhead lights! This allows for beautiful natural light and can really bring out the detail of your babies features! If their aren't any windows available, find the brightest light in the room and setup the baby near there.

  2. Set your phone or portrait mode: This will allow for your camera to fully focus on your baby and give a more clear image.

  3. Set up your baby in their bassinet near the lighting: When you have your baby nice and comfortable, either swaddled or fed and comfortable, place them in their bassinet facing toward the light. Angle yourself with the window or lighting behind you, facing the baby.

  4. Get all the details: From their hands, feet, hair, and little ears, don't forget to get all the details of your precious little baby!

  5. Don't be afraid to jump in the photos: Mom, hand over that phone to dad as he can capture those precious memories of you and your little bundle. Don't forget to do the same for dad as well. Also, don't be afraid to ask the nurse to take just a couple of y'all together as well. I can promise you, they do not mind!

6. Keep it simple: Make sure that everything in the frame is clean! Limit distractions by taking away things you do not want captured! Remember these are fresh 48 images, they don't have to be perfect. You want to capture those raw first moments of your little one!

As much as we miss our sweet fresh babies, we hope that we can provide some type of comfort for you during this trying time. Enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy, embrace those hospital moments, and don't ever be afraid to reach out to us if you have questions!

Want more guidance? We'd love to schedule a over the phone meeting with you as you take pictures of your little one in the hospital! COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Reach out and we'd love to help!

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