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Ocean Springs, Mississippi Newborn Photographer | Choosing a newborn photographer

Updated: Feb 17, 2021


You just found out you are expecting a new little bundle of joy! Now is the time to start thinking about how you want to capture these precious moments. Your little one will only be this size for such a short period of time, so it is important to capture this time to remember those small tiny details. Newborn portraits are the most important photos you will ever have, so choosing someone to capture this time is very important. Newborn photography is unlike any other genre of photography. The photographer not only will be creating memories to last for lifetimes, but they will also be caring for your new baby while the session takes place. You want to ensure your baby is in the best hands. Here are some things to consider when choosing your newborn photographer. We hope that if you are located in Mississippi Gulf Coast are, you will choose Mike + Chey Photography Studio for your Newborn Photography Needs.


This is by far the most important component of choosing a newborn photographer! Your baby is so fragile and sweet and we know it is hard to hand them over to complete stranger. That is why it is so important to know if the photographer is qualified to work with your baby. Just because they say they photograph babies and newborns does not mean that they know how to safely pose your baby.

From how the baby is wrapped to how to place the baby, there are a ton a safety measures. We always ensure to practice safe posing, never leave the baby unattended, and take every measure to be sure your baby is never in danger.


There are a ton of newborn photography styles! You have to find out what is best for you and your family.

Different Styles:

- Lifestyle; A lifestyle newborn session primarily focuses on the connection with the baby within the family. They typically take place in your home or in a lifestyle setup in a studio.

- Posed Newborn; During a posed newborn secession, your baby is gently guided and posed into various positions, snugly wrapped, and placed into adorable props. This type of session takes a high level of skill and knowledge and typically take about 2-3 hours.

It is so important to know which type of newborn session style would fit best for you and your family. With our studio space, experience, and knowledge, Mike + Chey Photography is able to provide both a lifestyle newborn session and a posed newborn session! Sometimes, we even do a little bit of both!


Anyone can say they are a newborn photographer, but are they really? Determining the level of experience of your newborn photographer can be a make it or break it moment! Don't ever be afraid to ask your photographer about their experience...

- How many years have you been working with newborns?

- How many babies have you handled in your career ?

- What training have you received for newborn photography?


Newborn sessions are very time sensitive! Those sleepy newborn days can be so great, right? Couldn't agree more! The younger the newborn the more smoothly (Most of the time) a newborn session will go. This is simply because newborns are so very sleepy and easier to transition from one pose to another when they are between 4-16 days old! Your baby is going to change so much within those first couple of weeks, even days. The earlier we can get them into the studio, the better! However, that doesn't mean we cannot achieve those sleepy, adorable poses with older babies.


Last but not least, budget. The cost of newborn sessions can vary greatly! So it is so important to know what you are looking for, take into consideration your location, experience, style, their equipment, props, and what they have to offer you.

It is also so important to know that your photographer is putting in a lot more time into your session than just the time spent with you. A photographer running a legal business with insurance, lots of training and other business expenses will almost always be more expensive. However, putting a price on the safety and experience of your newborn photographer can be hard!

We are now booking our 2020 spring and newborn sessions, receive a complimentary maternity session with your newborn session if booked before Feb 2020.

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